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Torqeedo for Commercial Applications

Fully integrated electric boat drive systems with up to 200 kW of propulsive power and battery banks up to 1 MWh

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Lower carbon footprint


Increased uptime


Zero local emissions


Lower fuel costs


Less noise


Less maintenance


Deep Blue System for demanding applications

Deep Blue is a fully integrated propulsion and energy management system - customizable to meet your specific needs and industrially engineered to meet the rigors of the commercial marine environment.


The essential Deep Blue configuration is suitable for vessels with access to shore charging and a priority on propulsive power. The system components, from the propeller to the high-tech user interface, are perfectly matched and integrated to provide emission-free, quiet, and powerful propulsion.

  1. Powerful electric motor

  2. 352.3 V high-capacity lithium battery system

  3. Onshore power chargers

  4. System management unit

  5. Electronic throttle

  6. Display with onboard computer

Electric ferries and water taxis

There is a strong upsurge in electric or hybrid drive systems for ferries and water taxis. The typical advantages of electric drives play a major role in this area.

  • Lower fuel costs – electricity costs are much lower and more stable than petrol or diesel. It costs €8 to charge a high-capacity Deep Blue battery from 0 - 100%, using 2020‘s average European electricity price. In the US, it costs less than $5.

  • Increased uptime – a vastly reduced maintenance schedule means more time on the water and more money in your pocket.

  • Zero local emissions – a diesel-powered ferry emits air pollution roughly equivalent to that produced by 40 diesel buses.


Electric drive systems make sense for commercial operators

Combustion engines cost money every time you use them.

An outboard of between 70 and 90 HP typically uses between 10 and 40 liters of fuel per hour above 6 knots.

A 4-hour trip can therefore easily cost upwards of EUR 60. With an average of 150 working days a year on the water, annual fuel costs soon add up to over EUR 9,000.

In contrast, one Deep Blue high-voltage battery charges costs between EUR 3 and EUR 12 depending on the number of batteries – they save up to 95% of the costs.

If you spend more than 100 days a year on the water it may well make sense to switch to a clean, electric drive system. Contact us to discuss this in detail.

Electric life- work- & coach boats

“Torqeedo delivers incredible thrust to move our 60-ton gravel barges and they are easier to use than diesel engines: Simply plug in – eliminating the hassle of bringing fuel on board. Electric means no diesel fumes and no hearing protection for the driver,” says Tobias Kraus, Rogau, Germany.

  • Torqeedo provided the integrated propulsion system for the world’s first electric-powered freefall lifeboat, which is being built by the Dutch builder Verhoef.

  • Marinas, ports, and harbors around the world are looking for ways to lower operating expenses and their carbon footprint. The ZenPro 580, a 5.8-meter workboat purpose-built for electric propulsion, is making it easy.

  • In order to protect the local groundwater, the Kaspar Weiss gravel quarry equipped their workboat with the zero-emission Deep Blue system.


What to expect when you switch to electric

  • Charging is clean and easy - Reducing your carbon footprint is convenient, too. Cruise- and Deep Blue-powered boats simply plug into shore power. As no explosive or toxic fumes are emitted, you can fuel up while loading passengers or freight.

  • No more guesswork. Know what it takes to fill up - Highly volatile fuel prices are driven by changes in crude oil production and demand fluctuations, complicated by regulatory changes, tariffs, pressure from emerging markets and geopolitical instability.

Electric rental- excursion- & charter boats

  • The Rand Picnic Boat with Cruise motor, a popular rental boat for use in urban waters around the world, proved its credentials as an enjoyable, easy-to-drive platform for spending time with family and friends on the water.

  • A fleet of 15 Deep Blue-powered passenger excursion boats are used for sightseeing tours of the River Safari jungle habitat at Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi.

  • An unmanned Google boat is mapping shorelines to raise awareness of the impacts of sea level rise.




Remote diagnostics and service

Wirelessly connect the Deep Blue system with Torqeedo specialists for remote updates and diagnostics. Many hardware and software issues can be efficiently addressed. If First Response Kit is on site, downtime is minimised.


Experts on call

Torqeedo technicians and local service partners are ready to answer questions about your Torqeedo system.


E-mail an engineer

Our technicians and engineers will provide remote support and advice at your convenience. E-mail is a great way to schedule preventive and system maintenance appointments.


Torqeedo Service

Fast-response on-site service is available with a Premium Service agreement. A Torqeedo technician will arrive at your place of business within 18–48 hours.

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