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Hybrid Drives

Deep Blue Hybrid

For yachts up to 36.5 meters (120 feet), powerful motorboats, commercial vessels, and ferries.

Deep Blue is a fully integrated propulsion and energy management system, industrially engineered and customizable with modular components. The result is exceptional performance, compliance with international safety standards, and highly intuitive operability.

Luxury meets sustainability: the Deep Blue Hybrid is the first fully integrated system on the market that combines a hybrid boat drive system with the entire on-board energy management system.

  • Relaxation: no noise from the motor and only a little noise from the generator

  • Environmental protection: use renewable forms of energy

  • Independence: adequate energy on board, less need to head for a marina

  • Convenience: simple joystick docking

  • Simplicity: only one type of fuel – and less of it required

System Overview of the Hybrid Drive System

System Overview.png

1. Powerful electric motor: delivers between 25 and 100 kW of continuous power at 360 V. Available as inboard, outboard, or saildrive.

2. 360 V high-capacity lithium battery system

3. 12 V batteries: system power supply for starting up the high-voltage battery system and the diesel generator. The Deep Blue system manages these batteries autonomously.

4. Efficient state-of-the-art diesel generator. Only runs when power requirements exceed the renewable sources and available battery capacity. Runs at optimum operating point feeding the 360 V system directly.


5. Onshore power chargers: for charging the system from the AC mains supply in port.


6. System management unit: the heart of the drive management system. This is where all the connections and system management functions for the drive train are concentrated.


7. Onshore power connection: The large battery bank can be recharged with sufficient energy for the voyage when in port.


8. System connection box: this is where the connections and system management functions are linked together to form a complete system and where other (convenience) functions for larger boats and yachts are integrated.

9. AC inverter: provides independence from power conditions on land. Voltage and frequency can be freely configured.

10Isolated AC power system (120/240 V AC current, 50/60 Hz): equipment and power sockets are connected via an AC power distributor.

11Bi-directional DC/DC converter: connects the 24 V DC power system with the battery system, allowing the free transfer of power.

12. 24 V on-board batteries: act as a buffer and redundant power store for the entire on-board electrical system.

13. Solar charge controller: converts power generated by photovoltaic into the right voltage for the onboard power system. Highly efficient thanks to MMP tracking.

14. Photovoltaic modules: generate solar energy as additional power for the system

15. Electronic throttle controls the performance of the electric motors. The twin remote throttle allows individual control of two drive trains.

16. Display with onboard computer: allows the flexible management and modification of parameters controlling the usage patterns of the system.

System Components

Engines  |  Batteries  |  Generators  |  Display  |  Controls



High-Capacity Lithium Battery Technology

Cutting-edge battery technology is the key to e-mobility solutions which are at the same time safe, reliable and performant. Cooperation between BMWi and Torqeedo has made the very latest in automotive battery engineering available for boats. The new battery technology introduced in the BMW i3 is available for all DEEP BLUE systems.


The benefits for customers:

  • Greater energy density

  • Lower costs

  • Highest standards of safety



Dimensions & Preliminary Specifications (i3 Type)

Nominal voltage
360 V
Max. continuous performance
55 kW
40.0 kWh
278 kg
1660 x 964 x 174 mm


Economical auxiliary power


Torqeedo’s HVDC converter generators supply DC power directly to the Deep Blue system without the inefficiencies that limit standard generators, providing long-range motoring and efficient backup power for serial hybrid systems. The converter generators eliminate the fixed ratio between rotational speed, power and voltage output.

Integrated into the information, safety, and energy management system of the Deep Blue Hybrid, the generators produce any combination of power and voltage as required, adopted to an individual setting.



Technical data (Deep Blue Generator 25kW)

Continuous power
25 kW
Max. rpm of diesel engine
480 kg
1107 x 748 x 704 mm
Low noise, high efficiency, less vibration

Typical application areas


Perfect for ...

  • Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid drives with shaft power from 25 to 100 kW (equivalent to 40 – 160 HP)

  • Sailing yachts, ferries, water taxis, etc., with hull lengths from 40 to 110 feet (12 – 33 m)


Highly flexible thanks to four operating modes:


The Deep Blue Advanced Energy Management System offers four ways of conveniently operating the hybrid system automatically:

  • ELECTRIC: Generator off; completely electrical operation.

  • CHARGE: The generator recharges the batteries. As soon as the desired level of charge has been reached, the HYBRID mode starts automatically.

  • HYBRID: The generator starts automatically if the battery charge falls below the previously defined level.

  • FLOAT: Motoring with the generator operating, generating exactly the amount of power the motor is using, and maintaining the battery’s state of charge.


Electrical drive power, on-board power, and charging power of the highest standard


The Advanced Hybrid Control System for the Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid system controls the generator to optimum effect (single or twin installations). It provides a reliable supply of electricity for 360V DC boat drive systems as well as all other 110/230V AC and 24V DC power supply systems on board:

  • Hybrid and charging power for the Torqeedo Deep Blue system

  • AC on-board power supply for the galley, air conditioning, water maker, and other electrical consumers on board (hotel loads)

  • Low-voltage DC power for lighting, radio, navigation, winches, etc.



Always in control


Deep Blue Hybrid offers intuitive operation presented on the multifunctional display, providing a complete overview of the entire system and access to all control functions.

The software keeps an eye on everything and prevents errors like deep-discharging batteries. An easy-to-understand graphical user interface is available as either multihull or monohull and delivers complete, up-to the- minute system visualization.



Premium throttles


We’ve come to expect an intuitive way to operate our technical devices. We expect detailed information, nicely displayed and clearly arranged. We expect that the objects we use are both beautiful and functional.

This is what spurred us to create the new Torqeedo throttle family and improved user interface for Deep Blue.

Our premium throttles offer the right solution for every application, whether for sailboats or on motorboats – ergonomic, strong, and functional. All premium throttles come with Bluetooth built in for simple integration of Torqeedo’s TorqTrac smartphone app.

Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid

Hybrid Drive System & Integrated Energy Management

Hybrid drive system

Powerful and silent electric drive systems allow maneuvering and sailing at hull speed.

High-performance batteries adapted from the automotive industry enable prolonged motor-cruising for up to 50+ nautical miles without the use of a generator.


Solar power generated on board and hydro-generated energy – the propeller rotates while the boat is under sail – provides additional propulsion. Besides, the integrated generator provides sufficient energy to cover long distances, if required.

The slowly rotating electric drives allow precise maneuvering and in combination with joystick docking make putting out to sea and berthing as easy as pie.

Integrated energy management

The integrated management system of Deep Blue Hybrid makes it possible to use available power in any way you wish – for the powerful high-voltage drive system, for the 24 V on-board power supply or to operate equipment with 230 V AC current.


Deep Blue Hybrid is designed in such a way that energy is always available where it's needed.

The combination of energy generated from renewable sources and by the generator means that there is always sufficient power available. However, the generator does not need to run for as long.

Clean and safe electricity can be used for all equipment and so it is no longer necessary to have propane or petrol on board. A tender can also be run electrically and can be charged from the Deep Blue Hybrid on-board power system.


Professional Safety for Your Sailing Yacht

Particular attention should be paid to standards compliance and safety during the development of a hybrid drive system.


During the years spent on developing the Deep Blue Hybrid system we followed safety concepts that, for example, are standard in the automotive industry – but which previously could not be found in powerful electric drive systems for electric sailing yachts.

In addition, electrical drive systems for electric sailing yachts pose special challenges that are not relevant for other industries. In this respect, it is not enough to just follow the standard of other industries for high-voltage boat drives.


As we are used to setting new standards, we have done so with regard to safety. Below you will find a number of examples of the Deep Blue Hybrid's unique safety concept.

Pilot Line.png

Isolation monitor

Constantly monitors that the voltage from all 360 V components is completely isolated from the boat – not just for individual system components but for all of them. If damage is detected, e.g. to the cable insulation, the system will issue an alert. In the event of dangerous insulation failure, the system will be shut down.

Pilot Line.png

All components are waterproof

Components that were not specifically developed for boats are not always waterproof. All the components of a high-power system on a boat must be waterproof to guarantee safe operation. That is why all of our components are waterproofed and, in some cases, are further protected with water sensors.

Pilot Line.png

Automotive industry-level battery safety

The first lithium batteries for the marine industry with the advanced quality standards of the automotive sector are the result of Torqeedo's collaboration with established battery manufacturers. Integrating a battery into a drive system and the associated safety concept alone requires considerable effort that can only be achieved by working together with the battery manufacturer.

Pilot Line.png

Battery venting

In the unlikely event that the redundant safety mechanisms of the battery fail, the battery cells can reduce their temperature and pressure via a pressure valve. While batteries are installed in electric cars in such a way that they can discharge battery gases directly onto the road, on electric boats the gases must be channelled safely off the vessel. We developed the first safe venting system for boats for the Deep Blue System.

Pilot Line.png

Battery damping

All components on fast and seagoing boats are subject to constant high levels of shock that exceed shock levels on the road – in some cases over 12 g of acceleration force. The same holds true when trailering the boat. Since batteries and battery electronics are not designed for these constant impacts, they need their own damping system on boats (in addition to the damping mechanisms within the battery). Torqeedo is the only company in the world that provides this for maritime use.

Benefits for Boatbuilders

Custom-built solutions are often pursued in order to meet a user's requirements. These individual hybrid projects raise a number of difficulties:

  • High-end components do not exist for the custom project. High-tech safe lithium batteries, for example, require an intensive design-in process in close cooperation with the battery manufacturer's research and development department. However, reputable high-voltage battery manufacturers do not supply their batteries for custom solutions that they are not familiar with and that have not been coordinated with them in detail.

  • Creating an integrated hybrid system requires a comprehensive research and development project accompanied by many person-years in the field of development running to the tune of several million euros. These efforts are not undertaken for custom projects, leading to lower reliability and a lack of complex but important safety features (such as pilot lines).

  • The system integrator has the statutory duty to ensure that the hybrid system complies with all the relevant and mandatory standards such as the Machinery Directive and the EMC Directive. Custom hybrid systems do not generally meet these standards. Since a boatbuilder is responsible for ensuring that the entire boat complies with standards, the installation of custom-built hybrid systems constitutes a serious risk for boatbuilders.

Unlike custom-built hybrid systems, DEEP BLUE HYBRID addresses the requirements of environmentally aware customers, offering a turnkey solution that guarantees compliance with the relevant norms and standards.

  • DEEP BLUE HYBRID was created in an extensive research and development project involving a large number of mechanical and electrical engineers over several years. The components were carefully selected and coordinated with an overall system. Essential inspections and certifications were performed at system level.

  • High-end components such as hybrid batteries from the automotive industry were integrated into the system.

  • Torqeedo assumes responsibility for the functionality and compliance with relevant standards for the whole system.

  • DEEP BLUE HYBRID was developed on the basis of modular components. It allows flexibility and scalability without affecting system integration and reliability.

  • DEEP BLUE HYBRID for electric ferrys, electric sailing yachts, electric catamarans & electric water taxis.

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