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Cruise 12.0 R TorqLink = 25 HP

Cruise 12.0 R TorqLink = 25 HP

10.369,00 €Price

*EUR prices are indicative of recommended manufacturer prices and are to be converted into IDR for the actual transaction.

> Electric outboard for motorboats and sailboats up to 12 tons
> 12 kW continuous power - powerful propulsion like a 25 hp combustion engine
> TorqLink data interface - enables fast data exchange between TorqLink components without gateway
> Electric tilting device for comfortable operation
> Easy handling thanks to low-voltage design (48 volts)
> Very robust construction - corrosion-protected, seawater-proof and waterproof all around (IP67)
> Battery connection cable with water-protected battery pole terminals (IP 66) for connecting up to two Power 48-5000
> Variants: Short shaft S: 38.5cm shaft length, long shaft L 51.2cm shaft length, extra long shaft XL 63.9cm shaft length
> Weight (without cable & main switch): 59.8 kg (S), 61.3 kg (L), 62.5 kg (XL)
> To operate the Cruise 12.0 with more than two Power 48-5000 batteries, please contact usr
> Please note that the engine power is reduced to 6 kW when operating with only one Power 48-5000 battery

    • Item number: 1280-00 | EAN: 4260113696422
    • Throttle not included - best to use withTorqLink throttle with colour display
    • Equipment included: Outboard with TorqLink data communication, connection to remote steering, cable set (4.5 m, 95 mm2) including main switch and v22/p10k propeller, TorqLink data cable 3 m, tilt switch
    • Warranty: 2 years for non-commercial use
  • Cruise motors are the electric outboard motor of choice for motorboats, dinghies and commercial users. All Cruise systems have a built-in GPS with onboard computer and display with speed and input power, state of charge and remaining range, with a compact, low-drag, and lightweight pylon due to advanced helical gear design. Cruise 12.0 is a 48-Volt, 25 horsepower-equivalent outboard perfect for boats up to 10 tons. The Cruise 12.0 R ships with Torqeedo’s advanced communication system, TorqLink (see below for further information), which allows faster and more accurate data sharing between system components.


    Cruise 12.0 R TorqLink - Benefits:

    • High-efficiency outboard with 12,000 W input power, equivalent to a 25 HP petrol outboard
    • Pair with two or more Power 48-5000 for best performance and accurate range/runtime functionality
    • This model ships with remote steering link arm
    • Your choice of TorqLink throttles (we recommend part number 1976-00 TorqLink throttle with colour display)
    • Rugged aluminium pylon with integral fin – extra protection when running aground
    • Highest-grade seawater-proof aluminium for long service life, even in the harshest conditions
    • Comprehensive galvanic corrosion protection through careful matching of all materials and meticulous isolation of materials with different electrochemical properties - ships with anode set for fresh and saltwater
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