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Deep Blue Battery BMW i3 (360V)

Deep Blue Battery BMW i3 (360V)

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Lithium-based batteries are the technology of choice for electric mobility applications. They store significantly more energy than all other batteries, they maintain a high current – a major advantage for electric drive systems – they do not lose their charging capacity, they supply power reliably even in the cold and have no memory effect. They also provide many more cycles than lead-based batteries.

Torqeedo has been a pioneer in the development of lithium batteries for marine applications for more than a decade. Since we make our batteries just a little bit better each year, we offer the most comprehen- sive and integrated protection and safety concept for lithium batteries on the market – coupled with performance and convenience.
> High energy density
> Long service life
> Robust
> Highest quality and safety standards

  • High Capacity Deep Blue Battery with BMW i Technology

    Cooperation between BMW i and Torqeedo has made state-of-the-art automotive battery engineering available for the marine market. The battery technology introduced in the BMW i3 can now power your Torqeedo drive.


    Automated module production

    • Prismatic cells have many advantages. However, they must be assembled extremely accurately in a very robust frame for a long service life (Otherwise charging and discharging would, over time, lead to the cells expanding and collapsing very slightly and cause them to age prematurely)

    • The fully automated module production at BMW in Dingolfing has set the standard in high-precision and extremely robust battery modules

    • The very rugged design is ideal for boat applications that place high demands on shock resistance


    Low Voltage Power Lithium Batteries

    A class of its own in lithium batteries for boats: 70% more energy density and 50% longer cycle life than typical lithium LiFePO4 batteries


    Housing and all data connections are waterproof to IP67


    Service life and aging of lithium batteries

    The service life of a lithium battery is determined by time and, to a lesser extent, the number of charging cycles. The capacity loss over time is about 2-4% per year at an ambient temperature of 25°C. The aging process is accelerated if the battery is exposed to high temperatures. Lithium batteries can be used even when it is hot, but should be stored at a cooler temperature when possible.

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